What is the carriage
Nov 12, 2018

Passenger train cars have hard-seat cars, soft-seat cars, sleeper cars, and dining cars.

Car classification

There is an aisle in the middle of the hard seat. There are 2 and 3 seats on both sides. There are coffee tables by the window. There are two doors in each compartment, and there are toilets and washrooms. Above the seat there is a luggage rack for carry-on luggage. There are lighting and air conditioning equipment in the cabin. The sleeper of the hard sleeper is for long-distance passengers to sleep at night. The compartment is divided into dozens of passenger compartments by a horizontal partition, and the upper, middle and lower shops in each passenger compartment are arranged in opposite directions; the other side of the compartment has a passageway, and a seat and a coffee table for people to sit are provided by the window. The sleeper car offers simple bedding under different seasons.

The cars are almost all on the train, the trains have cars, and some cars have them. The train compartment is one section, so the train is connected by a section of the car.

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