What is a honeycomb core
Nov 12, 2018

Honeycomb core or honeycomb core. It is a scorpion that is sandwiched between two skins.


It is said that the sheet of the bonding material (such as paper, glass cloth, metal foil, etc.) is made into a honeycomb shape by impregnating the resin glue, and the epoxy resin or the modified phenolic rubber agent is used as a sandwich structure. Core. The generalized honeycomb core lattice has a hexagonal honeycomb core with stable angular shape, diamond shape, rectangular shape and sinusoidal shape. Positive height, the most convenient manufacturing and application. Its structural description parameters are mainly; side length, wall thickness, honeycomb height and uniformity. The honeycomb core is classified into an aluminum honeycomb core, a glass cloth honeycomb core, an aramid paper honeycomb core, and the like according to the material thereof. The performance characteristics vary depending on the materials used. Aluminum honeycomb core: good mechanical properties, good durability, thermal conductivity, _ Shangyi is cooked but complex, electrochemical corrosion will occur when directly contacting the carbon fiber composite panel, in addition to being used as a sandwich core, I-related Heat exchange electrical equipment. Aramid paper honeycomb core: light weight, high enough compression, shear strength and good fatigue strength, dielectric properties and electromagnetic wave transmission performance, high cost. The glass cloth honeycomb core has excellent electrical insulation performance and electromagnetic wave transmission performance, and has a large capacity compared with the aramid paper honeycomb, but the cost is low. Honeycomb core has very high strength and rigidity and is widely used in modern shipbuilding, aerospace and aerospace industries.

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